Be a Van Driver!

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Have you decided that you want to change your lifestyle or career in 2011? Well deciding upon a new career can, with some thought and effort, change your life immensely for the best. Each year many people decide to become van drivers and with some work become extremely happy with their career change and often wonder why they didn’t try out this rewarding career sooner.

Becoming a van driver is much more flexible then many other jobs and it is also very rewarding and gives you a chance to work on your own terms with your own goals. Most van drivers operate and work using a normal car license (a category B license). This and the knowledge that van drivers do not need to use a Tachograph by law can really change people’s perception about the van driving industry.

Becoming a commercial van driver involves you having many practical skills such as good people skills, numeracy and literacy. Having a good sense of organisation is also a great benefit when considering a driving job as organising your own time is very important when you have a series of deadlines to work to. People skills are very important as more often then not you will be the face of your company and will need to make a good and professional impression at all times.

Making sure that you own the correct license for the type of van you intend to drive is very easy as there are only two types of license that apply to van driving.

A category B License is the most common license; if you took your test before January 1997 you will be able to drive any small vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes with it. Should you have taken your test after January 1997 then you will need to take a category C1 license.

Once you have decided you have the necessary skills you will need to find out exactly what jobs are available for you to apply for. There are numerous companies that employ drivers such as delivery firms, companies that provide mobile services and couriers.

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