10 Tips To Help Keep Your Van Windscreen Clean

It has happened to most of us that drive any vehicle and in particular it has happened to those of us that drive a van – poor visibility at high speed. Having a clean windscreen isn’t just about your van looking good. It’s about safety as well. Vans more so than cars are prone to getting dirty windscreens. This is often because of the places that they are used and also because of the long hours they spend in service on the road. Cleaning your screen is a pain but can significantly improve your safety and your outlook. So OK, do you really need to read about this, surely it just involves a little water and a cloth? Well it all depends how clean you want to go.

Here a 10 screen cleaning tips for you.

  1. Add a little vinegar to your water and make sure the water is as hot as you can get it. Most commercial glass cleaning products have vinegar added. It’s acidic properties really help to cut through grease.
  2. Clean the inside as well as the outside.
  3. Don’t use the same cloth to clean your screen and your bodywork. The cloth will often have traces of wax on which is something you don’t want to get on your windscreen
  4. Use a squeegee. The dragging of rubber over the screen helps to remove a good amount of residual dirt.
  5. Use diluted windscreen wash. You can add the stuff that you use to put under the bonnet, in the washer tank, to a bucket of hot water along with your vinegar. This works very well.
  6. Use newspaper to dry your windows. Newspaper really absorbs the water and leaves no traces of anything that you don’t want on your screen.
  7. Use a ‘rain-off’ type product to help visibility in the wet. This really works but can sometimes cause your wipers to drag a little. Some people swear by rubbing a cut potato over the window for the same effect, but this is one we haven’t tried.
  8. Don’t keep damp things in your car. They can cause the interior of your screen to fog up.
  9. Use your screen wash regularly to remove dirt as it accumulates on the windscreen.
  10. Clean your van once a week.

It may sound like a trivial thing but keeping your windscreen clear really can brighten up your day (sorry about the pun). It might help you avoid otherwise costly accidents that would mean a claim on your van insurance. Keeping your van clean reflects well on you and your business (sorry about the pun once again).

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