Water Powered SUV – Tips to Reduce SUV Gasoline Consumption by Using Water As Fuel

If you were to do an online query on car fuel saving ideas, you will see many “Water As Fuel” links popping up. Apparently, there is a technology where you can use water to power your car. This is a very good news for Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) owners because of the recent fuel price increase has inflated their gasoline expense bill. However, is using water as fuel technology legit? This article will share some information on the science behind the water powered SUV.

When we talk about using water on vehicle, most will think using it as a coolant in the radiator or as a wind screen cleaner. We usually do not associate water as a car fuel source. The science of water as fuel does not literally use water to power a car, in fact it uses the hydrogen gas (H2) in water. Hydrogen gas is in a compressed state in water and can be extracted through an electrolysis process. H2 can be used to power a SUV because it is clean, efficient and is three times more potent than fossil fuel. The challenge is to generate enough H2 and divert it into the engine air intake system so it can be ignited to produce force to propel the SUV forward.

How much would it cost to convert a SUV to run on water fuel? You do not need to spend thousand of dollars to do the modification. In fact, you can build the water to fuel conversion kit yourself with components that you can purchase from a hardware store. What you will need is some hand tools and a good step by step conversion guide. You can purchase most of the conversion blue prints from the internet. Sport Utility Vehicles are know for its high fuel consumption and low mileage. If a water powered SUV can reduce its gasoline expense bill, the car owner should explore it further.

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