Driving An SUV In Severe Weather: Ways To Stay Safe

The first imperative detail to any safe, severe weather vehicle is to have great tires. Tires have to have good tread on an SUV as their size makes it easier for them to slide around when turning or driving around steep curves. It is a good idea to have the air pressure exactly measured according to the car manufacturer’s directions. Also, as weather cools down and eventually turns cold, your tires will not have as great of pressure. It is important to check your tires and their air pressure frequently as low tires will lead to worse traction.

Turning is a particular problem in driving during severe weather in an SUV. An SUV’s great size can make turning a disaster if the turn is taken to fast or tight. This is enhanced during wet or icy conditions, as the tires are not getting optimal traction. It is important to take turns slowly and constantly be alert. If you should slide in your SUV, you should always turn in the direction you are sliding. This ensures that you will not spin or slide out of control until your vehicle stops. Because of this particular danger, you should always make sure you and others are wearing seat belts.

Stopping in SUV’s during dangerous weather conditions can be tricky, but by braking slowly and braking before you have to can make sure that you are always coming to a complete stop. Because SUV’s are heavy vehicles, they are prone to be slower at stopping which is a disadvantage when you are stopping short behind a vehicle. You do not want to be caught in this circumstance. In situations where visibility and road conditions are an issue, you do not want to carelessly stop or slow down in your SUV.

Watching your car’s gasoline usage is a significant factor to consider. While your vehicle may stay nice and warm during the winter months, it is also burning more fuel than smaller vehicles. This is important to monitor for two reasons. In the winter, cars are generally using more fuel. Your fuel adds weight to your car to avoid losing traction. Also, you do not want to run out of gas in unexpected traffic or get stuck without heat until help arrives if your car malfunctions or goes off the road.

SUV’s are great winter and rainy weather companions for the avid driver. An SUV can get you through tougher conditions than a standard vehicle that is on the road. While many drivers will not be able to get out of sticky situations, you SUV can brave the stormy weather… literally.

That being said, you should always take caution if you are going out into even slightly hazardous situations and circumstances. Your safety is the most important factor, but with the right knowledge, you can make driving safer for any driver on the road.

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