Carbon Nanotube Doors for Cars and SUVs in Our Future – Automotive Think Tank Stuff

Carbon Composites in the future will offer lighter-weight, more strength, and better fuel economy to our modern automobiles. Graphene layers windows and windshields will not break, and they will be see through and even self-cleaning. No windshield wiper blades, no ice buildup, and no drag on the car body to slow you down. Oh, but it gets better than that, let me explain.

Not only are carbon composites ultra-light weight and will lower the weight of a car body by two-thirds or more, but since these light-weight materials can be used as windows you can save an average of 400 pounds on most cars, and up to 700 pounds on large SUVs. Plus, these materials are much thinner, so you have more room inside the care, perhaps 4-5 inches all the way around and an extra 2 inches on the roof and floorboards – at least. Wait there is more, if you order today, I’ll throw in Free Ginzu Knives – just kidding, but realize I am just warming up here.

These materials will also make the car frame and engine lighter, so you’ll also have better performance, and handling, and your doors will be “window-Doors one piece panels” which can slide up or downward into the car body. No more car door dings, no more worry about opening the doors into another car, or worrying about parking lots that are too tight for your SUV, light truck (very light truck in the future) or hybrid car.

You might think this is all rocket science, well much of these technologies have come from NASA sponsored research, and the rest is military “tech hand-me-downs” or transfer technologies. Not long ago, I was giving a local talk on this topic of the future materials in our cars and the dream of 100 mpg, well, it’s coming, at least according to the Automotive Think Tank division of the Online Think Tank, so please consider all this.

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