What You Need to Know About Planning an RV Trip

Some one once said that if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Planning your RV trip will not prevent the unexpected, nor preclude spontaneous additions to your trip. It will however, give you a basic framework within which you can operate.

Begin with a brainstorming session about what you would like to see and do on the trip. Write down all of the ideas. Next, look at your atlas, and think about how much time you have to travel. Eliminate any destinations that will not fit it, and keep the other ideas filed for another time. Third, look at your finances, and make any necessary adjustments to your budget.

You need paper directions even if you have a GPS

The next step is to chart your directions. Rand McNally and American Automobile Ass have online programs for mapping out roads and mileage. Check for locales suitable for parking your small travel trailer, motorhome class A, or fifth wheel. Even boondockers should find out what is permissible in the different areas. A GPS is great if it is always accurate, and if service is available but make sure you have your paper maps and information just in case.

Have a plan and check lists for meals and clothing

If you want to save money, you will be intentional about planning for meals. Eating every meal out will kill your budget. A simple meal prepared in your RV can be tasty and filling. You can pick up fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmer’s markets. Purchase a used cookbook that caters to RVers to help with ideas. Select days and meals that you do want to eat in a restaurant.

With clothing, less is definitely more. The ideal wardrobe has components that you can mix and match in several different ways. Think neutral basics with colorful accents. This will help to keep your RV [http://www.pedatarvcenter.com/blog/easy-ways-to-save-money-vacationing-in-your-travel-trailer/] – and your life – less cluttered.

As you prepare for your food and clothing, use your word processor to generate some checklists to eliminate guesswork. Save the lists for future trips.

Always plan for medical care and medications

If you will be away for any length of time, and you need regular check ups, or prescriptions refilled, make sure you have a “to do” list with specific plans of how and where you will take care of these important needs.

The “best laid plans of mice and men” often do go astray but when you have a plan, it is much easier to deal with the bumps in the road. With your plans and checklists, you’re on your way to a great vacation.

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