Cheap Living in an RV – How to Supplement Your Income on the Road

Cheap living in an RV is a fun way to live/retire. What do you do to pick up a little extra cash on the road?

1) You can work at a National Park… the park service always needs seasonal help. They can perhaps offer you a free RV hookup as part of your compensation for working with folks on vacation. I never will forget talking to a fellow at Yellowstone, working the showers, who wintered in Florida…It was the first time I heard, “all of my houses from now on will have a steering wheel in the living room.”

2) You can work at the campground…all campgrounds need the grass mowed, the laundry rooms cleaned, the general store manned, the guard shack staffed, security patrol, etc…free hookups are usually part of the package.

3) You can provide a needed product at the campground…All RVers need things like water filters. If you sell them at the camp, you can save folks a trip to Camping World to pick some up. Offer to install them and you have a ripe market.

4) Or how about driving the honey wagon? Phewee, I know, but for long term RVers, you hate to unhook, go dump, and come back and get everything all level. You will gladly pay someone $10 to keep your waste tanks empty on site. Someone will be making money providing this service.

5) Work online…With more and more camps offering Wi-Fi, the RV lifestyle offers folks a way to earn while on the road. The possibilities are endless with the right tools and a story to tell.

Cheap living in an RV is a great way to go. There are also many creative ways to make money while on the road…what are you waiting for? Enjoy.

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