Australia Campervans – Five Most Rented

No doubt that Australia offers a vast land for travelers crafted with different attitudes. Urban attractions, wildlife, coastlines, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, rock formations, indigenous culture can all be found in the land Down Under. Australia will not disappoint travelers if they wish for more.

Groups who want to connect Australia’s top destinations find convenience and savings by travelling through campervans. They rent campervans and share the cost together. Spending more outdoor experiences than limiting themselves with the amenities of the hotel, and the attractions that are only close to it. Basically, travelers exploring in groups choose the line of 6-Berth Campervans which means that the sleeping capacity equals to six people.

List of top 5 Most Rented Campervans in Australia:

The 6 Berth Grand Tourer CampervanThis campervan can be driven through a manual or automatic transmission, no wonder why many have been travelling with this vehicle. Features the convenience of a toilet and a shower, a mini kitchen, mini fridge or freezer, entertainment, air-conditioning / heating, and of course the sleeping facility.

Its entertainment feature includes the AM or FM radio, colour TV, CD player and DVD player. This vehicle is best not only for the general hippies but for families as well because of the features that it offer. The vehicle can also be fitted with child sets for families who will be bringing small kids. Awning is built in this vehicle which is not so common compared to other vehicles.

The Frontier – Although this vehicle is only available in manual transmission, this also goes on the top list. This vehicle also has air-conditioning and heating in both areas of cabin (driver’s cabin and rear cabin). It also features entertainment facilities just like the Grand Tourer but its DVD player is not guaranteed. Other than entertainment, the frontier campervan has similar features with the grand tourer that also includes awning.

The Cheapa Six BerthStill the same sleeping capacity of six people. This vehicle is a lot like the Frontier in terms of its features and the DVD being subject to availability. Only difference in feature is the transmission, this vehicle is only offered to renters who can drive the manual transmission. Backpackers often rent this vehicle for their Australian outdoor getaways.

The 6 Berth Euro DeluxeThis campervan is very similar to the Cheapa Six Berth. Its DVD and transmission is also subject to availability and the transmission being manual. All the other features remain guaranteed and made to enjoy to the fullest.

The Spirit – Surely features luxurious amenities of a campervan only that it is offered in an automatic transmission. Its DVD is available in different models.

To sum it all, these campervans are similar to one another except for their interiors and the maker of these vehicles. Prices also vary for sure, generally in Australia, the sooner you book a vehicle the cheaper rate you get. Do consider one of these campervans to rent on your travel to Australia and experience how fun it is to explore cheaply with maximum adventure.

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