Selling On-Line Is A Cheaper And Safer Method

Selling your vehicle on-line is cheap, painless and very effective. You will worry less and profit more.

It’s simple really.

Where else are you going to reach a target audience of millions of international buyers searching hard for the motorcycle that you have?

How are you going to manage your life with the kids, the spouse, your job, and perhaps maybe if your lucky to squeeze in a hobby or two, and manage the sale of your motorcycle?

Selling a motorcycle is a business transaction. You are exchanging legal tender for a product. So treat it like a business transaction.

Would you set $10,000 on the side of a road? Then why set your motorcycle on the side of the road with high hopes that somebody interested will happen to pass by and look in the direction of your motorcycle, and at that moment, be compelled and motivated enough to turn around to take a gander at your bike, and physically write down your contact information. It is unsafe, unreliable and unpredictable and not a way to handle your business. On the side of the road, someone could just as easily kick your bike over, back into it, steal it, scratch it, or sit on it. It could rain, or maybe it is winter and it could snow, hail or sleet. The sun will affect the life of your paint. A bird could fly over and drop something nice on it. And not to mention that unless you live on a very busy intersection in a town where motorcycle enthusiasts frequent your area, you will have to park it illegally in a parking lot and hope for the best. Let’s be honest. Most of us wouldn’t store our beloved motorcycle outside, so why keep it out there for sale?

Now how does this sound? You can keep your bike safe indoors away from the elements, careless people, and bird excrement, post your motorcycle on-line from the comfort of your own home on a reliable site, such as, place your motorcycle ad in front of millions and millions of hungry buyers looking for what you have, and have the relaxing ability to manage your motorcycle ad 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition, if anyone wants to get a hold of you, they can simply leave a message of interest or ask a question, and you can reply to them at your earliest convenience. Sure beats the hell out of waiting by the phone and hoping and praying that your motorcycle is safe outside alone.

Are you going to take the first offer that someone gives you to purchase your motorcycle? Do you even know an amount to price your motorcycle? By selling your motorcycle on-line you can easily assess how much others are selling their vehicles for, or check the NADA cycle pricing guide within the site to see what the motorcycle is said to be valued at. Once you’ve established a competitive price for your motorcycle, don’t you want buyers fighting for your vehicle? If you place your motorcycle for sale on-line you will have millions of buyers competing to purchase your vehicle. This provides much higher profits for you and much less hassle.

When someone buys your motorcycle don’t you want to make sure that they have the money? I have heard far too many horror stories regarding fraudulent checks and money orders. And not too many buyers will feel comfortable bringing large sums of cash to the buying table. So how can both you as the seller and the buyer feel most comfortable? On-line transactions are made through escrow enabling the buyer and the seller to feel secure that the money is legitimate and the product is, as well. The buyer will not receive the motorcycle until receives payment, but the seller will not receive payment until the buyer receives the product and declares that it is legitimate. This will completely take the headache out of the transaction.

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