Motorcycle Drivers Never Ride Without These

Mini Tool Set

Let’s start simple with a device that even the extremely inept can easily enjoy this tool collection by BikeMaster. This particular unit is one thing that almost any biker must have within his saddle bag at all times, especially if you don’t carry a whole set of tool box. Whether you only driven off the road together with your new bike or you have spent the past 3 years fixing a bike that’s older than you, who knows when bad things could strike.

This smart tool consists of a cross and standard (straight) head screwdrivers, can opener, 4mm square driver, file and ruler, mini saw, bottle opener, sharp and smooth awls plus a 3″ cutting tool. One cool feature of this tool set is the LED flashlight snugly tucked in the whole thing. Unless you know your motorcycle and its motor engine better than the back of your hand, this pocket tool will certainly help find the initial cause on the technical trouble and make things convenient as you fix it all at once and not having the need to take up too much time and effort in the beginning.

Bike Alarm

Needless to say, you would not waste all this cash on awesome gizmos just to let them walk away with a thief (it seems people were certainly not educated concerning stranger-danger in school). Help keep your bike safe with the highest quality alert and lock system like the Electronic Granit Detecto 800 Disc Lock system. Along with a 14mm hardened bolt and 3-D location management, the alarm will make a noisy scandal if it discovers virtually any location changes or anyone tries to get rid of the lock. Bikes don’t come cheap and we both know that. Keep your investment guarded with alarm systems.


Some of us are basically flat out challenged in finding our way in uncharted terrains. Well, there is a good reason why Garmin pretty much has that spot on this business centered both for automobiles and bikes.

Now, together with their new Zumo 665 Motorcycle GPS, definitely there is not a particular detail we could imagine that a driver would want in a Global Positioning System unit. It was designed particularly for motorcyclists, so it is waterproof, glove friendly and will speak detailed instructions right into your headset. And you can create speech reminders, catch XM radio stations in the U.S. and also is FM signal friendly. It’s like enjoying a small helper sit on your bike and tell you everything you should know. Apparently, it won’t get your dry cleaning chores for you.

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