Live Your Dreams With Government Seized Motorcycles

These motorcycles are sold at auction, and you can often get them for a fraction of the cost that you would pay to buy them brand new. While the condition may not always be the best, you can always fix them up and make them look like new again. With prices this low available, you can buy two bikes – one for you and one for your spouse, without a dent in your pocket.

Finding Motorcycles for Auction

You can easily find out when an auction will be held that includes motorcycles. Most government agencies that seize property have a website that keeps you updated on auctions and what will be sold in them. Other government agencies may have to be contacted by phone to get a list of auction times and property being sold.

There are also some websites that offer government seized property for auction online. These online auctions are much nicer than the ‘in person’ auctions, because you do not get caught up in the moment and you can keep your bidding within your budget.

You also often have many more options to bid on when you use online auctions. The only downside to using online auctions is that you won’t see the motorcycle in person, before you buy it. But, this also means that they go cheaper, and you can always fix up the government seized motorcycles if necessary for very little investment.

Choosing a Bike to Bid On

Of course, you want to choose the right bikes that fit your dreams and your budget. First, look at the description of the bike and see what stands out as far as features. Just as with a new bike, you will probably pay more for more features, but if they are a ‘must have’ on your list then just go for it. The second thing you need to look at with government seized motorcycles is condition. Consider both mechanical and aesthetic condition issues. Hopefully the bike will be sound and not need any work done at all. But it is possible that some work may be necessary, and you need to budget for that when you are bidding in an auction or considering buying outright.

Depending on the auction, whether or not it is online, you may have difficulty determining exactly what kind of condition or features the motorcycle has on it. But keep this in mind when you are bidding, that you don’t know exactly what you are getting. You can always base your bids on what make and model the bike is, for example, if you prefer Harley Davidson over Honda.

In the end, you will find yourself with a great motorcycle for a fraction of the price. Even if you have to invest a bit of money into fixing it up, you will still be better off than if you had to buy it brand new, which most people cannot afford. Government seized motorcycles allow more people to live the ‘on road’ lifestyle they fancy, without costing them an arm a leg.

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