Car DVD Players – A Few Things to Remember

Car DVD players are the latest craze in car audio and car entertainment products. In car entertainment has changed over the past 10 years and one area that has increased the most is the development of Car DVD Players. These are now one of the most popular devices for the modified car enthusiast many reasons, mainly the fact that 1,000’s of tracks can be added to one DVD disc completely removing the need for your whole album collection to be stored in your motor.

The Other more desirable feature of the modern Car DVD players is the ability to play DVD movies on the screen (and any other screens connected into the system). Most new DVD Stereos are fitted with either a 3″ small screen on the front (single Din), a retractable 7″ flip out screen (single Din) or a Double Din 7″ screen constantly on show. Choosing the best DVD stereo for you would depend on the size of the Din Space available in the car and possibly  whether a fascia adapter needed to install (and whether you intend to show off?).

The pros and cons of having a single din 3″ screen DVD player.

The Main advantage of having a small screen Car DVD player is that the majority of vehicles are equipped with single Din fitments. Basically the factory fitted radio is already 1 Din in size. The unit will fit snug into the console of your vehicle and with a fascia (may not be needed) the install will look smooth and professional. The only major negative is that the screen is difficult to see if you intend to view movies on it.

The pros and cons of the 7″ flip screen Car DVD Player.

The Flip out screen option is usually the most popular type of Aftermarket DVD stereo. With this you get the best of both worlds. The Screen is large and retractable which will fold back within the body of the stereo unit. These are also 1 Din in size so will be compatible the majority of vehicle fitments. However the only negative with these units is that when down, the screen extends from the unit and intrudes slightly from the console (meaning you lose the sleek install)

The Pros and cons of the Double Din Car DVD Player.

In my opinion the Double Din DVD stereos are the most attractive headunits on the market today. They provide an excellent screen size to watch all DVD movies and also sit flush to the console, making the install look much more professional. Often these units also have greater processing power and more advanced anti-skip features as there is more space available within the unit for the designers to work with. One of the only down sides is that the screen is always visible and can sometimes be over bearing and can potentially increase the chances of theft.

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